9 of 12…Greenville, SC

Tim's Bday Cake in honor of his favorite running shoe...Saucony! Thanks LK!

Marathon #9 Saturday October 29th in GreenvilleS.C.!  It was my 44th birthday and I choose to celebrate it with anotherMarathon. How else would I celebrate it at this point in the game?

So here it was, 4am on my birthday and I am awake getting into the car to drive two hours, run a marathon, and get back in the car to make the drive home. Not how most people would want to spend their birthday, but it was just fine for me. The drive down was an easy one, and I arrived with 40 minutes to spare, plenty of time to get my usual routine done and get to the start line. The only thing left to do was find a parking spot…well that was the adventure. After driving in circles for 30 minutes I finally found a parking spot. The only problem now was that I couldn’t figure out which way the start line was! I gathered all my gear and started running in the direction I thought the start was. After 5 minutes I saw a family in a car parked at a church and decided to ask them if I was close to the start line. They proceeded to tell me…no! They then gave me directions on where to go and said you are about two miles from the start. Two miles! Off I ran, two miles of running so that I can run 26.2 miles! Something isn’t right about that! I made it just in time to get my race number, pin it on, give them my bag and get to the start line with two minutes to spare! Unfortunately my nutrition and hydration weren’t where they should be. There was nothing that I could do about it now, the gun was fired and we were off.

If you have never been to Greenville S.C. you are really missing out. It is very well set up for walking, running and biking. The city is proud to be green and clean. There are walking bridges over the river and parks for the kids. Our race took us through all the beautiful parts of the city, and only a couple of not so pretty parts of the city. After a few miles of running by the river we entered the greenway, another rail trail covered in trees! It was much like the rail trail in WV only a few months ago, trees all around and not much to see. But to my relief it soon opened up to some beautiful areas of Greenville. We were able to run throughFurmanUniversity, which was awesome, and then make the turn back through the rail trail to get home. This is when I started to feel the missed nutrition from earlier that morning. I had a good pace of 7:35 going with only 4 miles to go, but I had nothing left in my tank! It is still amazing to me how your body can feel great at one point, and then a minute later all of your energy is gone. I went from 7:35 per mile to 8:45 and feeling like I could barely lift my legs. But, as I turned the last corner with only ½ a mile to go, I knew that some how I had made another finish line. Lesson learned, eat while you drive you need that food!

We finished inside the baseball stadium running around the warning track to the tape. I of course ran by the crowd yelling “it’s my birthday!” receiving louder cheers from the fans. This also attracted a reporter from The Greenville Gazette who wanted a quick interview! I, of course, talked to him and told him my story which was in the paper the following day. It’s good to have my name in the headlines! CLICK HERE to read my celebrity interview!

After signing all the autographs I started to make the walk back to the car, but not before stopping in Liberty Tap Room for a quick birthday beer, a perfect place to celebrate another great race! I finished in 3:21and 37th out of 500. On to the next race, #10 Charlottes’ Thunder Road Marathon November 12th! Hope to see you there!


About getfitcarolinas

Hello, I'm Tim Junkins, a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), as well as a wellness coach and nutritionist. I am an avid runner, and have completed numerous marathons – qualifying for the Boston Marathon over four times. I am currently attempting to run 12 marathons in 12 months! Check this blog for updates on my progress and for information on the races I'm running. My current personal best finishing time is 3:09 - from the Thunder Road Marathon in December of 2010.
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