Race 3 of 12…Country Music Marathon, Nashville TN

Well, another Marathon in the quest for getting 12 in 12 months under my belt! Last Saturday APRIL 30th I ran “The Country Music Marathon” in the great city of Nashville Tenn.!! What a great town!!

From start to finish this marathon was nothing but fun, energetic and well-organized. The convention center was easy to get to and full of vendors with useful information, products and souvenirs for the big race. PR Protein Bars, Saucony shoes, Hippie Runner, and MGD, were among the many vendors helping us out. The biggest thrill was getting to meet The Biggest Loser participants Dan and Jackie Evans. They are incredibly nice people with lots of energy and inspiration for all. A great start to the weekend.

The race itself was easy for us to get to thanks to Uncle Jim and the secret squirrel directions that got us to the start line nice and early. Thanks Uncle Jim! This is where the big adventure began. Over 31,000 people running the ½ or full marathon! I will tell you that I was not very excited about running with this many people, but I ended up loving all the energy! I do recommend spending a little more money and getting the platinum parking package which includes, parking at LP Field, shuttle to the start, a huge tent with all the pre race food and drinks, and most importantly private potty’s! I know it doesn’t sound that great, but when you see 30,000 people waiting nervously in line for the same bathrooms, you will see how great it is.

The start was amazing. I was lucky enough to have been at the front two starting corrals. I was able to look back and see the sea of people waiting for the start. I knew somewhere my wife was waiting at corral #24 to run her first ½ marathon. It ended up taking her over 37 min. just to make it to the start line! But all went well, and we were off on one of the hardest courses I have ever run! The hills just kept on coming. But the people in the city were all out cheering us the whole way. The bands were great and the energy was high from start to finish! I was able to have my first beer during a marathon on mile 23! I have to say that it was one of the best beers I have ever had! The only bad part was that I still had two more hills before the finish! But I made it and ended up finishing in 3:23, 118th overall and 15th in my age group. Not too bad! I recommend this marathon to all that want a great experience with a great challenge. There is plenty of support from cheering fans to medical help, to hydration, and you will love the experience!

Heather, Tim & Alicia

This one was extra special due to the fact that my wife ran her first ½ marathon and has caught the running bug. She will soon be planning her second. I also was able to help Alicia Figliola finish her first full marathon!  What a great weekend of energy, emotion, goals met, and new goals set. And after some cleaning up and celebrating with family, we hit Broadway St. and were able to experience the thrills of the country music capital! Party on country music fans!

Now for the next big race, next Saturday. Yes, two marathons in 7 days. I will let you all know how that experience goes. Run on all….

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2 of 12…Ellerbe Springs Marathon

March 12, 2011: I was in the middle of nowhere getting my butt kicked, and being humbled by course and runners alike. I had a great time though. I recommend that race to everybody who wants a challenge!! The hills were brutal. They really aren’t hills, they are mountains!! From 11-13 it is straight up!! This gives the run up Grandfather Mountain in the dark a run for its money, but the bad part is that you can see how much further you have to go…that wasn’t good. This course is so remote that there are NO fans to cheer you on, I kind of liked that part of it. The only time you saw anyone was at the water station every three miles. The chicken and dumplins and beer afterwards were awesome!!!

  Now I say that I was humbled by runners also, listen to this. I actually finished ahead of my goal time. 3:36 got me 12th overall and 3rd in my age group!! So I started to talk to a gentleman named Joe. As I was telling him about my quest for 12 in 12 he HUMBLED me, in a nice way, by what his achievements in the last 365 days have been….33 marathons in 365 days!!! As he talked, and I didn’t another young man walked up that knew Joe and introduced himself as Daniel. I was then Humbled once again with his achievements in the last 365 days of 55 marathons!!! I also met a 55 year old on his 73rd lifetime race, and ran with a 67 year old on his 173rd life time marathon!!! Ya’ll think I’m crazy?!! I had an awesome experience at this race, and three of these guys will be at the race in Ellerbie in June were I will be racing. I was told by them that it’s one of the hardest they have run! It’s a nighttime race that also features a 50 miler. Can’t wait for June, and if anyone wants to come along let me know. All in all a great experience! I know this is long, but I figure only the people on this list understand and appreciate the experience. On to Nashville in April. Hope to see you all soon.

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Race 1 of 12…Myrtle Beach Marathon

Feb.19th, 2011: Myrtle Beach, SC Myrtle Beach Marathon: 1 of 12 is done!! Ran Myrtle beach marathon this weekend to start my quest for 12 marathons in 12 months!! This is my 4th time running Myrtle Beach and once again they did a great job putting on the marathon. Loads of fans along the way and a new running route made for a great morning. Only issue was the red gatorade and wind that killed me around mile 14. Not everything always goes perfect and I managed to keep moving! NEW SOUTH beer at the finish makes the last 6 miles a little easier!! Finish Time 3:09, which is tied as my all time personal best, which is very good with the stomach issues I had. I think Myrtle Beach was redeemed this year after last year’s uncontrolled cancellation due to a freak snow storm. I was not upset last year due to the cancellation, but many did not return because of this…their loss! I consider Myrtle Beach as my adopted hometown and look forward to next year as my personal best! After the race in Myrtle the best thing for dinner is California Pizza’s Buffalo Wing Pizza, pure joy in the mouth!! If you don’t have kids, you have to go to Rockafellar’s in North Myrtle Beach for the best seafood and friendliest owners in town! Also, the best thing to recover after the race is a quick jump into the Atlantic Ocean…man it’s cold, but makes the legs feel GREAT!

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12 Marathons in 12 Months

Read the progress as it goes…first race was Feb.19th at the Myrtle Beach Marathon…next one is March 12th in Ellerbe, NC.

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